I’m going to create a series of images following specific tropes of the gaming industry and gamers themselves in order to highlight the ridiculous generalisations many people go through. I am going to take these common stereotypes and create a character and design around them as preparation work. For my final images, I will be drawing these personifications doing something related to their ‘trope’ (IE: lazy gamer eating doritors and lying down, gaming) with a brief description denoting their personality, the stereotype itself, and why these stereotypes can be harmful both on an individual level and an overarching level.

There will be a basis of looking into mental health, using both my own personal experiences and those of friends around me. The personifications of my stereotypes will each have a specific disorder, which whilst definitely not the focus, will have an underlying affect on how I draw the image and write their short fictional biography.

I intended to create these images in a pin-up esque style, but I’m uncomfortable combining mental health and the overt sexualisation style that pin-up art usually represent. This is a shame, as I really wanted to incorporate my 1950s research into this project beyond the stifling attitude and ignorance that stems from the ignorance of the era.

I’m disappointed that I will not be able to include the research I have done looking into how to create pin-up style art, as well as the copious amounts of influential art pieces I looked up earlier. Knowing my character design is now redundant is upsetting also as I was very proud of that drawing. I will keep everything on my blog, however, as each topic of research has been a fundamental stepping stone towards my newest project idea.

Although I am saddened by being unable to use previous research directly, I am looking forward to getting into this project and have many ideas generated already.

I will be drawing my final images with the concept of it sort of being like an ad campaign, with the slogan ‘Not All Gamers’. I want my art to represent the stereotype in its basic form and place a few simple reasons as to why gamers are not as stereotypical as they seem.


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